School Details

School Details

Following are the important documents related to the school-

1. Affiliation Letter

To view affiliation letter please click here-   AFFILIATION LETTER

2. Trust Deed

To view trust deed, please click here-   TRUST DEED

3. State Government NOC

To view state government noc, please click here-   STATE GOVT NOC

4. Recognition Certificate

To view recognition certificate please click here-   RECOGNITION CERTIFICATE

5. Building Safety Certificate (NBC)

To view building safety certificate (nbc), please click here-   BUILDING SAFETY NBC

6. Fire & Life Safety Certificate

To view fire & life safety certificate,  please click here-   FIRE & LIFE SAFETY CERTIFICATE

7. DEO Certificate

To view DEO certificate please click here-   DEO CERTIFICATE

8. Water, Health & Sanitation Certificates

To view WHS certificate please click here-   WHS CERTIFICATE

9. School Management Committee

To view school management committee details please click here-   SMC

10. Parents Teachers Association

To view PTA  details please click here-   PTA

11. Fee Structure

To view fee structure please click here-   FEE STRUCTURE

12. Result So Far

To view result record so far please click here-   RESULT RECORDS

13. Academic Calendar

To view please visit academic calendar page or click here-   ACADEMIC CALENDAR